This week’s installment of 3 Uniquely Edmonds Souvenirs includes a work of art, a craft cocktail, and an experience with our feathered friends.

Make a Scene, 
and Create a Masterpiece

Edmonds parks’ have it all. Forests. Ravines. Trails. Beaches. Views of the Olympic Mountain Range. Places for kids to play and dogs to run. 

Stop at any one of the parks and bring a sketchpad and draw the scene in front of you. It can be a masterpiece and it could look like your five year old drew it. Either way, it’s going to be fabulously satisfying to take pencil to paper.  Besides, you’ll have made your own souvenir.

If that doesn’t seem like something you want to take home, consider a lesson at Cole Art Studios. Take an art lesson, including on-line options, and bring home both a new skill and a work of art, some personal satisfaction and a uniquely Edmonds experience.

Experience a craft distilled cocktail
Bring home a Cocktail Crate

Scratch Distillery will treat you to a uniquely Edmonds tasting of the variety of their distilled libations — from Aquavit to barrel aged gin to whiskey. If you enjoyed their treats, take home a bottle or join the club and discover something new every month. You can also stop into any one of Edmonds’ cocktail lounges, many of which are incorporating the liquid arts ginned up by Scratch into their own creations. 

At Kelnero cocktail lounge, try Scratch Whiskey in their Eclipsed cocktail, with layers of flavors from the herbal complexity of Bénédictine and the subtle smokiness of a Laphroaig and fresh orange zest. This is one of Kelnero’s signature cocktails — so bring home their Cocktail Crate and curl up with this perfect whiskey warmer on a blustery day. Want to know how to make that special cocktail? Check out their cocktail hour video here

Bird watching in the marsh
A dropped feather or a piece of art from The Curious Nest

The Coast Salish tribes lived in concert with the environment before the land was colonized, railroads bifurcated the landscape, and saltwater marshes were diked. The dikes created buildable land that Edmonds is now on, but the saltwater marshes were drained of their salmon spawning and wildlife habitat. Thankfully, 22.5 acres of rare saltwater marsh in the region’s coastline were preserved in the Edmonds Marsh. There you can see a dozen Great Blue Herons at a time, Merlin, Northern Shrike, bald eagles and geese, along with coyote, otters and other wildlife. 

It can be a tough gem to find, so look for American Brewing Co., and catch the trail behind their building. (You’ll do well to enjoy a beer at the end of your walk.)

Your souvenir, of course, will be that special feather you find on the boardwalk in the marsh. 

Local artist Carol Austin incorporates found objects (feathers, rocks and branches) that she makes into small dioramas. The miniature pieces are found at the Curious Nest, where an eclectic collection awaits. After the pandemic began, the store switched to visits by appointment only. So call ahead. And enjoy a piece of feather art from the Curious Nest.