Everybody likes a souvenir — something to remember a fond experience by. Edmonds is such a treasure trove of memories to be made and we have a list of three uniquely Edmonds experiences that come with their own souvenir. So experience Edmonds and take a little something home to remember us by.

Walk the sandy beach
Bring home a wishing rock or a worry stone

Edmonds is home to 5 miles of shoreline and much of it is sandy and accessible from downtown. Who hasn’t strolled on a breezy beach to wash away their worries. 

For your souvenir, pick up a wishing rock, one of those little rocks with a single, perfectly unbroken stripe all the way around it. The optimum wishing rock experience is to run your fingers around the stripe, make a wish and toss it back into the water. If you do the ceremonial toss, then consider stopping in at the Wishing Stone, where there are so many more beautiful, polished stones to choose from, including Brazilian Quartz, Canadian Jade, Chinese Fluorite, Tanzanian Ruby Zoisite, and Mexican Calcite.

Perhaps a “worry stone” would do the trick. These polished stones have a perfect indentation for a thumb to rest in. Pop it in your pocket and rub your worries away. Worry stones have been used since antiquity, from Native American tribes to the Ancient Greeks.

Enjoy a cup of coffee downtown with your best friend
Brew a cup at home later

There are more than a few coffee houses in Edmonds, including the ever-popular Walnut Street Coffee, Waterfront Coffee Company, Cafe Louvre, and the Red Twig Bakery and Cafe. Enjoy outdoor dining or sip your coffee on the beach while you catch up. 

Ready to go home but don’t want to give up the moment? Remember the friendship and visit to Edmonds and bring home a pound of coffee beans roasted in-house weekly at the Red Twig — serving up their own proprietary blend and single-origin Fair Trade and Certified Organic coffees.

Go fishing off the pier for squid
Come home with a crab to eat or keep

On their annual migration through Puget Sound, squid show up to the Edmonds area in the fall. It’s a uniquely Edmonds experience to jig for them off the pier. Squid feed mainly at night and are attracted to light, where they dart into the bright area in pursuit of food such as young herring. Drop a jig and bring home a delicacy. Or don your mask and watch the others pulling up squid and crabs in pots. (visit the Washington Department of Wildlife to ensure you're following all the regulations.)

Kuzma's Fish Market and the Mar•Ket Fishmonger and Eatery will both have plenty of options for fresh fish to take home. Looking for something that won’t disappear over dinner? The Wooden Spoon, Edmonds’ own kitchen shop, has lovely dish towels embroidered by a Pacific Northwest artist that will help you remember the experience.