Epulo Bistro and Bar has now opened for dining room seating, with many local restaurants soon to follow. Either way, for take-out, curbside pick-up or for that relaxing seat at the table that you’ve become accustomed to, Edmonds dining scene is in full swing.

Are you looking forward to Las Brisas’ Tortilla Soup, so good that Ryan F. “... could eat that stuff out of a horse trough”? Still available! 

How about that spinach and avocado Benedict at Chanterelle’s? Did you catch writer Carol Banks extolling the virtues of Maize & Barley’s humble, hand-crafted Columbian arepa? Better yet — pull up and order some.

Edmonds has a burgeoning Foodie Scene, which contributed to the city’s designation as the state’s first Creative District. 

And the restauranteurs here are as generous with helping each other as they are with their customers. Several shared recipes during the pandemic with Welcome Magazine Snohomish County. Try out these Black Walnut Manhattan and more from Kelnero Cocktails, The Mojito from Scratch Distillery. 

Treat Yourself to Edmonds.