Edmonds is about 18 square miles, with several districts that define its communities, each with their own character and shopping opportunities reflected.

Perrinville, at the far northern end of the city, is a small district with some hidden gems. Stop into Mel & Mia's for some incredible, delectable hand-crafted bakery treats and a latte, then settle into a chair at All Wound Up Yarn Shop, where community is as important as crafting. End the afternoon with something to take home for reading from the little gem of a bookshop, the Neverending Bookshop

The International District borders the eastern edge of the city, and its replete with Asian restaurants and shops. Begin with the grocer Ranch 99, where everything from perfume to Peking Duck is sold. In fact, the whole area is dotted with small markets, such as Boo Han Oriental Market.

South to the Gateway District, bordering Highways 99 and 104, Noura Middle Eastern Market is a great place to stock up on those mouth watering pantry items that can make any meal better. 

Westgate District is nearby and on your water to the waterfront. This area leads directly to Urban Papercrafter makes crafting "cool", and to QFC Grocery store, along with a bevy of unique restaurants, from Ono Authentic Hawaiian Poke to Garlic Jim's and Pagliacci Pizza shops. From there, you're on your way to the waterfront and downtown.

Downtown Edmonds Waterfront includes plenty of recreation, and a little shopping with a dive shop and a gift shop inside the Cascadia Art Museum, and, if you're feeling like a big spender, Edmonds Yacht Sales

The Downtown Shopping District is uphill from the water, complete with an iconic water fountain and plenty of outdoor dining patios. There are too many shops here to count, from galleries and art supply stores, to boutiques, jewelery shops and the one-of-a-kind The Curious Nest, with found treasures. Visit Edmonds Downtown for a full list within their business district.

Many restaurants are just now opening for Phase 2 of the COVID restrictions, but look for them on their social media for updates, or just wander downtown and see what you rediscover.