"Art is a spiritual, immaterial respite from the hardships of life." ~ Fernando Bortero

Edmonds lives and breathes art. As we all gather together again, as friends and community, we are taking a moment to be grateful for what makes Edmonds so special.

The Cole, MaJe, Aria Studio, Randall J. Hodges, and Christopher Framing galleries. Driftwood Modern. Gallery North, Artworks. So  many galleries in downtown Edmonds. 

Add to that, the outdoor murals commissioned by Mural Project Edmonds, the third Thursday Art Walk Edmonds and their fund raising event and ever-popular Wine Walk, and the "how lucky are we to be blessed with..." Cascadia Art Museum.

Edmonds' creative spirit is strong in the visual arts alone. It's no wonder the City earned the distinction of being granted the state's first Creative District designation. And we don't take it for granted. 

As the social distancing restrictions lift, Edmonds' galleries continue to safely open, a welcome respite for the soul.