Edmonds. Just say the name and it brings to mind the fountain in the middle of Main Street, where people walk around it with a cup of coffee in hand, or a stroller in front. Edmonds Downtown is that kind of town, where people leisure stroll from shop to shop, finding that perfect gift, or the ridiculously perfect outfit. And these one-of-a-kind little shops, restaurants, and dining patios are putting out the open sign again, welcoming you back to Downtown Edmonds.

Every weekend this summer you can enjoy Walkable Main Street, with closed streets for social distancing, window shopping and outdoor dining.

Visit the Edmonds Downtown alliance for a listing of shops in their district, or the Chamber for updates further afield in the city. Or just come on downtown. There is something for everyone. 

The Wishing Stone is a destination for many, who find jewelry and stones that took eons to create within the earth. Art Galleries, such as Cole Gallery, or the gallery of photographer Randall J. Hodges, are mesmerizing. The Cascadia Art Museum at 190 Sunset by the waterfront is a destination of its own, dedicated to the rich tradition of the visual arts and design in the Northwest during the period 1860-1970. An artist yourself? You will definitely want to stop in at Art Spot.

A travel store, kitchen , home furnishings and bits and bobs, bookstore (oh, yes, Edmonds has more than one!), children's clothing, and a jewelry store all fill in the rich offerings that make a stroll through Edmonds a treat.