Vibrant Arts, Elevated Eats & a Killer View

It's not enough that Edmonds has five miles of shoreline, 47 parks, a marina, a rare urban wetland and an underwater marine sanctuary. This jewel of a place attracts dreamers who create art at every turn and restaurants that are giving the big cities a run for their money.

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City of Edmonds Arts Commission gives budding and established local artists a priceless platform for inspiration, expression, and connection in new Poet’s Perspective and, just for third graders, a chance to illustrate “Best Book I Ever Read” in annual poster gallery exhibit. Poetry and art, naturally.

Edmonds celebrates the performance arts with every breath, chuckle, and gasp. Two local, beloved theater troupes — The Edmonds Driftwood Players and The Phoenix Theatre — open up again to live, in-person and virtual performances, amidst a constantly adjusting hybrid schedule, season to season.

The glowing amber portrait and still life art world of the oil-on-board artist with the Midas Touch: everyday people, places, and things are made extra-special, as Pam Ingalls lights them up inside.

Art has untold powers to move you to tears, with one glance, to make you forget what you were doing ... even for a moment, to wash over you with overwhelming hope and inspiration. Edmonds galleries, murals, public art, and other open spaces provide a multitude of platforms.

Edmonds is the Puget Sound area's best place to chillax. A growing restaurant destination, a welcoming downtown spectrum of shops, galleries, spas, a rockin' arts & culture scene, and sandy beaches and marina provide plenty of opportunities.