The moment you walk into the modern, chic brick ‘n mortar THAI by Day at Salish Crossing, you’ll feel a little bit of Thai, a little Japanese, comfy, fancy-free…right at home.

The server reminds you of mom, fussing over your every comfort in a charming, pampering way, as if she’s known you forever, slipping you extra helpings of shrimp chips (addictive!) and joking, “See you next week!” as you go, ever-so reluctantly.

You don’t ever want to leave. Not with a gourmet fusion menu like this to tempt your palate, poetry on a plate: Gui Chai (chive dumplings), Mee Krob (crispy-fried, sweet and sour vermicelli noodles), agedashi tofu cubes fried to perfection, accompanied by aromatic green curry, Nam Tok Neau (beef waterfall salad), Mieng Kam (one-bite snack wrapped in wildbetal leaves), takoyaki (octopus with spicy mayo and Thai basil), Goong Ob Woonsen (prawn and glass noodle stir fry)…

This is no ordinary curry-and-spring-roll takeout. It’s a lot better.

Here, you’ll taste the rest of Thailand and Japan, and ports in between. The hole-in-the-wall most tourists miss. Street food for dreamers. 

Leave room for really exotic cocktails (Hunni Co. & Scratch poptail), no-proof refreshments (lychee Thai iced tea), and desserts (Wun Gati Bai Tuey/pandan and coconut milk jelly).

THAI by Day’s been serving a good time since 2017.

Curbside pickup available, 425-967-7181.