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Discover your next day trip with these fun ideas.

Take an Edmonds Day Trip

That rare day where every minute isn’t booked and you want to really relax and enjoy yourself has finally arrived. Like magic. An empty calendar. Your perfect day trip awaits: Edmonds.

Explore Edmonds Waterfront

Whether you want to dive in our Underwater Dive Park and Marine Sanctuary, or take a leisurely day on the waterfront with the family, the options to explore the Edmonds Waterfront are limitless.

24 Hours in Edmonds

If you find yourself lucky enough to wake up in Edmonds, WA,  then you’re in for a treat. There is so much to Eat, Stay and Love in Edmonds, great restaurants, scenery, and color. Catch Wendy's blog post here.

Small Town Talk Podcast

Just some Small Town Talk with Jaimie and Eric Gouge in Edmonds, WA. We are going to go over all things local in Edmonds, from food to real estate we are going to talk about it all.