On the occasion of the fifth anniversary of our founding, we have been entrusted with several important donations that are the seeds of our nascent collection. Many of the works have been generously donated by Seattle collectors Milt & Sherry Smrstik, long-time supporters of the museum.

Of special interest from the Smrstik collection are rare works by some of the region’s major artists. These include Kenneth Callahan’s 1930’s painting titled “Mt. Index”; Imogen Cunningham’s iconic photograph, “Unmade Bed” of 1957; and several Northwest landscape paintings by Dorothy Dolph Jensen, one of the founders of Women Painters of Washington in 1930.

Some of the other regional artists might be familiar names while others reflect our mission to rescue and elevate the reputations of forgotten figures who deserve to be remembered for the high quality of their work and their contributions to our visual culture.

Ticket Prices:

Adults: $10
Seniors: $7
Youth (0-18): Free
Students: Free