Edmonds is home to Washington State's first designated Creative District. The community's significant commitment to art in all its forms brings out the best in performing, literary, visual, culinary & liquid arts.

Where else can you find a troupe of comedic, pliéing ballerinas, a world-renowned concert cellist retouching Bach, and a Spoken Word folk rapper dramatizing dystopian themes and 20th century capitalism? Only in Edmonds. Inquire within.

Imagination breeds creativity, especially in this magical kingdom full of galleries and museums and artists of every sort. The good people of Edmonds look for art in the strangest places: a street corner, back alley, flower basket poles, fronting cafes and boutiques, a time-traveling mural next to a pub, walls and walls of changing scenery…expression gone wonderfully wild.

The City of Edmonds knows how to put on a show, attracting the biggest, brightest, and best to the stage. Audiences love their musical artists, and the feeling is mutual. All music is spoken here.

Between the deep, blue sea and the raven-drenched mountains lies a secret world apart from the everyday, where writers dwell. Edmonds is a writer’s paradise, waiting to be explored through its nationally known writer's conference, independent bookshops and an environment that brings out the creative spirit.

Transforming breakfast, lunch, dinner, and dessert into edible art, Edmonds chefs have created a culinary scene that is the best kept secret on the West Coast. Order up!

Edmonds is home to award-winning liquid artisans, a craft distiller, brew masters, cocktail specialists, and merchants pulling tabs and slinging suds, NW style. Cheers!


Edmonds sits in the sweet spot of Puget Sound and the majestic Olympic Mountains, tucked into the southwest corner of Snohomish County, close to Seattle, making it an ideal spot for world-class, farm-to-table cuisine, craft beer, cocktails, wine, and spirits.

Gourmet courses and wine pairings… Petit Filet, Hama Hama Oysters, Sushi Omakase…knives up! Fancy dress, suit and tie, totally optional. Time to treat yourself. This is Edmonds, after all.

Hole-in-the-Walls, Pop-ups, Food Trucks provide rich and creamy comfort food, sustainable homegrown goodness, and everything in between. Moderately priced, inventive, diverse, mind-blowing cuisine. Totally chill, totally original, totally Edmonds.

Homey, organic, artisan. It’s all here. Where to go in Edmonds for your java hit, scone, and breakfast sandwiches, plus a whole lot more.

With a growing awareness around social inequities, it’s more important than ever to support minority-owned restaurants. Edmonds represents, in so many ways.

Tofu Jjigae, Mieng Kam, Biangbiang noodles, Shrimp with Black Bean Sauce, Beef Nihari, Hot Pot, Okonomiyaki, Mee Siam, Yangnyeom spicy, fried Korean chicken… Hungry, yet? We gotchu.

Edmonds distinguishes itself as a premier craft cocktail, beer, wine, and spirits kinda town. Award-winning distillery and brewery add to the allure. Bottoms up!

A mecca for new, buzzworthy restaurants, Edmonds always has the welcome mat out and new restaurants keep opening up. It's no wonder Edmonds is considered by some to be the West Coast's best kept culinary secret.

Burgers and pizza, pastries and poke, Gelato and ice cream, tacos and General Tso’s, oh my! Edmonds serves families on family budgets, family style, across a wide range of appetites and tastes.


Don't miss out on any of the many performances, concerts and festivals woven into the fabric of the Edmonds experience.

Annual Festivals & Events

Edmonds plays host to a number of events every year, celebrating, food, the environment, arts and culture, and a community.

Annual Festivals & Events

Edmonds plays host to a number of events every year, celebrating, food, the environment, arts and culture, and a community.

Uptown Evening Markets

The City is excited to announce the return of the community evening market taking place again this summer in the Highway 99 neighborhood.

Uptown Evening Markets

The City is excited to announce the return of the community evening market taking place again this summer in the Highway 99 neighborhood.

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There's so much to see and do in Edmonds you'll be forgiven if you don't know where to start! Come along here and we'll give you some ideas on how to spend a great day in Edmonds.

You’ll always remember your first bald eagle. Soaring gracefully, impossibly high, eclipsing the sun, the yellow beak and fierce, proud glare. A flash of indigo breaks up the gray, as a small, glowing finch flits branch to branch, merrily chirping away. If you’re lucky, a hummingbird will flutter by, searching for lilacs, maybe a barred owl tucked deep into the woods, matching your startled gaze. Edmonds is home to hundreds of fine-feathered friends on water and land, year-round. Grab a pair of binoculars and head over to Edmonds Waterfront and Marsh. Perch quietly — and wait for the free show.

Edmonds is a walker’s and hiker’s playground, offering up views of pretty houses, twinkly storefronts, breathtaking natural scenery, and heartwarming scenes of community — straight out of a Norman Rockwell painting. Things look a little more magical around here. Take pictures, take detours, take it all in. When you’re hungry, pick up snacks and treats at one of many neighboring hole-in-the-wall cafes, bistros, and coffee houses. Then, go back out there again. Edmonds at night is even more breathtaking, and full of surprises.

Staycations and getaways take on a new meaning with rolling Covid-19 mandates. When numbers are high, stores reduce capacity to 25 percent and dining goes out the window, literally. Get away from the stress by going solo: take long walks, look at art, from a safe distance, gaze up at historic architecture you may have missed, blue jays and eagles, and be sure to bring your camera for all the great, Instagrammable shots. Edmonds invites quiet reflection and inspiration.

Forget crowded malls and impersonal online shopping. Edmonds’ boutiques are a world unto themselves. Nowhere else can you find a dress, raincoat, or darling scarf that’s almost custom-made to order, just for you. Pick up a pair of cat earrings for your best friend, just because. Take a break with a matcha latte and a scone at one of several bakery cafes, and relax. After the shopping’s done, reward yourself with a nice lunch and some people-watching, while going over your loot. Feels good, right?

You don’t have to travel to Hawaii for the beach. Edmonds offers miles of bliss with four distinct beaches (Brackett’s Landing North and South, Olympic Beach, Marina Beach) — a marine sanctuary — and the infamous Underwater Park for scuba diving, tidal pools, family-friendly parks and playgrounds, and sunset strolls. Watch the ferries roll in, fly a kite, go fishing for salmon, jigging for squid or drop a pot for crabs. It’s all here.

Edmonds is an art lover’s town, with galleries galore…and that’s not even including the sketches, photography, and watercolors rotating on the walls of restaurants and shops, or the many sculptures, murals, and flower box poles dotting the landscape, and of course, Main Street’s iconic water fountain. Art can speak to you in ways nothing else can. It’s a safe, limitless space for fantasy, escape, self-reflection, and always, love. Go lose yourself in art, the stuff of dreamers. Edmonds is rich with it.