When in Vanuatu: A Novel: Diana knew that following her husband Jay to the Philippines for his dream job in global aid would mean that she’d have to give up her accounting career. But when they left Seattle, she’d expected to soon have a family to raise. Now at 35 and after years of trying, Diana hasn’t gotten pregnant. She relishes the chance to travel, her time painting, and the new friendships she has with people from all over the world, but being an ex-pat is even harder for Diana without the family she and Jay had hoped to have. 

Diana’s doctor wants her to relax, which seems impossible. While Jay is off on yet another extended business trip, a coup attempt rattles Manila. Diana latches on to a new possibility: Jay could take an open job on the South Pacific island of Vanuatu. What could be more relaxing? After all, it’s time to give her dreams a chance, isn’t it? But life in Vanuatu is not always paradise. In this moving, beautifully told novel, Diana faces new challenges— including the wrenching possibility that she might need a new vision for her future. 

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